Autotalks empowers the Vehicle-to- Everything (V2X) communication revolution by providing a ready-to-use, automotive-qualified chipset that supports all the functions required from the V2X Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

Autotalks. The Confidence of Knowing Ahead.

Autotalks V2X Solution

Autotalks chipsets enable the V2X communication revolution by providing the most advanced, truly secure V2X solution created for autonomous vehicles.

Autotalks’ unique technology addresses all key V2X challenges: communication reliability, security, positioning accuracy and vehicle installation. Autotalks’ 2nd generation chipsets, CRATON2 and SECTON are now available. They are the most secure chipsets on the market today, with multilayer defense including an ultra-low-latency V2X Hardware Security Module (eHSM) and powerful hardware acceleration engines for line-rate message verification.

With Autotalks’ recent mass market design-in, prototyping phase has already started and the company is moving towards an unprecedented high-volume SOP (Start Of Production) in 2019.

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