Autotalks empowers the Vehicle-to- Everything (V2X) communication revolution by providing a ready-to-use, automotive-qualified chipset that supports all the functions required from the V2X Electronic Control Unit (ECU).


Autotalks. The Confidence of Knowing Ahead.

Autotalks V2X Solution

The Autotalks chipset is exceptional for meeting the reliability requirements of autonomous driving, poised to change driving habits forever

Autotalks chipset offers an ultimate embedded cybersecurity protection, and it’s flexibility and scalability match every vehicle’s architecture and installation model. Our mature 1st-generation chipset is available now for pre-development, pilot projects and actual deployments. Currently under development, our 2nd-generation chipset is designed to meet the rigorous requirements for safety-critical systems in autonomous vehicles in the mass market.

Let Autotalks help you get involved in this accelerating new market!

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