Autotalks’ Technology Provides Free WiFi Access at All Times

car connectivity

Today, a key challenge standing in the way of the connected car is the cost of connectivity. But what if we could be connected for free? Many car applications can provide important benefits with even sporadic connectivity. These include diagnostic services, driver alerts for recommended upcoming maintenance, and more.

External-vehicle WiFi can provide free high-speed connectivity for these. Connectivity is widely available, for example when parked at home in range of one’s home access point, or in range of a public hot spot while pumping gas at a gas station, ordering food at a drive-thru, or parking at shopping mall.

Autotalks’ 2nd generation chipset, CRATON2 and SECTON, provides WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) completely free of charge. The WiFi connectivity is available either concurrently with DSRC, when the vehicle is mobile, or instead of DSRC, when the vehicle is parked. WiFi is supported while maintaining the secure operation environment of DSRC.