Behind the scenes of defining a company’s vision and mission

During the last couple of weeks, I had the honor to be part of an exciting and inspiring process – defining our company’s vision and mission statements. These kinds of discussions always involve so many perspectives – business, strategy, wishes, emotions, knowledge, numbers, etc. – and for me, as “the new girl in town”, who joined Autotalks six months ago as VP HR, it was a great opportunity to learn more about the company and to be a part of one of its meaningful moments.

V2X and cybersecurity type approval

A couple of weeks ago, a new United Nations regulation on vehicle cybersecurity was approved. UNECE WP.29 will make cybersecurity a prerequisite for the type approval of vehicles. Meaning, a vehicle can be sold only if proven to be cybersecure. The regulations are set to start implementation in the EU, Japan, and Korea in January 2021 and will reach full implementation by mid-2022.