ZF Uses Autotalks’ V2X Chipset for Connectivity

Vehicles are more and more connected to other vehicles, road infrastructure, pedestrians, and data centers. Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication technology not only increases safety but also improves traffic and transportation efficiency. ZF Group announced it has integrated Autotalks’ V2X chipsets in its 2getthere autonomous shuttles. Initial deployment is planned in a large European airport.

How to Elevate Customer Experience

At Autotalks, we believe that fruitful technical collaboration with our customers and partners is a critical enabler for our mutual success. Therefore, we have set it as a core value to Elevate our Customers Experience. In this blog post, we share our methods for building a successful customer experience.

10 things you should know about V2X

1. V2X can prevent accidents that no other sensor can: V2X is the only sensor that can detect obstructed or hidden objects. Most of the time, accidents are caused not by what we see, but by the surprises from what we don’t see. For example, a car bursting into an intersection, or noticing a bit too late that a car came to a stop ahead of us on a highway.

The role of V2X in vehicle automation – today and tomorrow

Rivers of ink have been used to write about Autonomous Vehicles and the revolution they will bring to our lives. Indeed, we are all waiting in excited expectation for this revolution and the new possibilities it will bring.

Probably the single most important benefit of vehicle automation is the expected improvement in safety; the combination of advanced sensors and tireless, reliable computing will reduce the number of accidents and with them, save countless lives.

Functional Safety for V2X

This video blog analyzes V2X from a functional safety perspective. It outlines the evolution of V2X and showcases three different safety use-cases in order to derive present and future functional safety requirements. In addition, functional safety design guidelines for V2X systems are discussed.