Autotalks technology provides advanced, secure V2X communication solutions, with V2i/V2x/V2v applications. Autotalks connected vehicles technology employs the widely recognized DSRC car to car standard with road safety as a key focus.

There have been extensive discussions within the Automotive industry comparing the incumbent V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) technology, DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication), and the newcomer alternative, C-V2X (Cellular V2X). Even though the cost of implementing the technology is a main parameter for OEMs and Tier1s, the price of the two technologies has never been compared. A recent study conducted by ABI Research shows that implementing DSRC above cellular is more cost-effective than C-V2X. This finding suggests that the hybrid model of DSRC + Cellular not only achieves all V2X use cases today, it is also simpler and more affordable.

Some of the main points the research highlights include:

  • The cost of implementing DSRC above cellular communications is expected to be $13.50 to $15 lower per Telematics Control Unit than implementing a C-V2X solution.
  • Since V2X is a safety-critical technology, C-V2X complexity and challenging requirements add cost over DSRC.
  • The key architectural differences which impact cost are: LTE ruggedization and automotive qualification, the need for high accuracy clock source, the cellular royalty scheme and the use of Wi-Fi bundled with DSRC for free.