Autotalks technology provides advanced, secure V2X communication solutions, with V2i/V2x/V2v applications. Autotalks connected vehicles technology employs the widely recognized DSRC car to car standard with road safety as a key focus.

Get your facts straight! DSRC is ahead of C-V2X for safety applications and is ready for mass market now!

Download the full white paper for a thorough explanation about where the two technologies stand today and an in depth understanding about the main and critical differences between the two.

Among the key topics covered in the paper:

  • DSRC is deployed while C-V2X is at an early development phase
  • Only DSRC is allowed by EU and US regulations
  • DSRC is cybersecure by separating safety and entertainment domains
  • DSRC is the most cost-effective V2X technology
  • DSRC operates at high-speeds in presence of obstructions while C-V2X is limited in speed and range
  • DSRC is robust while C-V2X suffers from reliability issues