Functional Safety for V2X

The primary goal of V2X is to save lives, which can be achieved by influencing vehicle movement in an emergency situation. Another important goal involving influencing vehicle movement is improving traffic efficiency by improving coordination with surrounding vehicles. V2X is being deployed now for providing drivers with enhanced situational awareness, and is expected to become a safety-critical sensor around the middle of the decade. As with other safety sensors, functional safety processes need to be implemented for avoiding potential malfunctions that may risk lives.

As a V2X pioneer and leader, Autotalks has been keen on analyzing V2X use-cases from a functional safety perspective, as we believe that it is of utmost importance to consider it from the beginning. Today’s vehicles will stay on the road for many years to come and will likely have numerous software upgrades over their lifetime.

At Autotalks, we put together a whitepaper that delves into the functional safety analysis of popular V2X use-cases and their derived ASIL grades, explaining why functional safety is needed from Day1 and which system design achieves the required safety goals.

To learn more, download the whitepaper.

And now you can also watch the video lecture on the topic.