Truly Secure V2X

Full security verification and trustable signing

v2v communication technology

V2X technology allows for communication between vehicles and their surroundings (other vehicles, infrastructure, or pedestrians) with road safety as the key application. To realize the vision of V2X technology, either C-V2X or DSRC, , vehicles must be able to trust the messages arriving from their surroundings. Degraded safety, reputation loss and liability costs are not an option in the automotive industry.

Autotalks’ solution was designed to meet V2X-specific security requirements (automotive cyber security systems).

  • Global security solution, supporting US (ECDSA), China (SM) and Germany (Brainpool) algorithms
  • All safety events are handled in a timely manner.  Automated braking can therefore be supported.
  • The Autotalks cryptographic-agility solution ensures sustainable security for decades to come.
  • The surface of attack is minimized.
  • The Autotalks security solution is hardware-embedded.  Application developers are freed from handling security issues.


For more details, please refer to the Truly Secure V2X Technical Brief.