V2V for safety and mobility applications

Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication connects vehicles to other vehicles for safety and mobility applications. Cars share information such as their speed, location, heading, path prediction, dimensions, vehicle properties, acceleration, and more.  Sharing this information can help the V2X system alert drivers of upcoming hazards on the road, thereby allowing them ample time to react in order to avoid an accident.

V2V evolution (Day 2) will enable “cooperative perception” allowing vehicles to share objects detected by the vehicle’s other sensors. This information includes unconnected vehicles and road users, increasing the network efficiency.

In a few years’ time (Day 3), Coordinated Maneuvering will also be enabled by V2V. This will allow vehicles to coordinate between themselves in complex traffic situations such as roundabouts, 4 way-stop signs, intersections and more. While this will only be enabled with high autonomy level, it will improve traffic flow and reduce traffic jams.