Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication (V2I)

Smart Infrastructure for Safety and Mobility

V2X communication

V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure), allowing vehicles to communicate with the Infrastructure, is happening now. There are thousands of Road Side Units (RSUs) equipped with V2X chipsets spread across the US, Europe and Asia. Over 20 US states and 16 EU member states have active infrastructure deployment projects. Billions of dollars are planned to be invested in smart infrastructure capable of communicating with vehicles via V2X.


Autotalks’ chipset’s ability to support both C-V2X and DSRC is a perfect fit for global infrastructure vendors, who wants to develop a single connectivity platform. The technology can be switched in the field as needed, to avoid additional investments and lower the operational costs. Two devices can be optimally placed side-by-side for dual-mode dual-active.

Vehicle to Infrastructure communication pedestrians

V2I provides immediate value. Emergency vehicles can arrive faster to save lives, safely passing through red lights. A smart intersection can detect a pedestrian crossing the road or other road users that can impose a danger, and alert vehicles approaching the intersection. Public transportation can be prioritized when approaching the traffic light.  V2I is critical for autonomous vehicles, for knowing without doubt the upcoming traffic lights state. For autonomous vehicles, V2I has both safety and mobility benefits, enabling the infrastructure to point out hazards lying ahead as well as optimizing the flow of traffic.