Vehicle to Vehicle Communication for Racecars

The first V2V for motorsports helps prevent dangerous crashes on the racetrack

v2x communication for race cars

In an effort to eliminate road accidents, Autotalks is taking on eliminating racecar crashes in professional and amateur racing. Autotalks is the first V2X company to take on increasing driver safety in motorsports.

Autotalks, in cooperation with Griiip, created a V2V solution that understands when a racecar endangers other drivers on the racetrack – for example when a driver loses control of the car and stops in a dangerous place or when a car slows down unexpectedly. In such scenarios, an alert is immediately sent to all the drivers approaching the danger, in an attempt to prevent a crash. The alert is flashing yellow lights and a buzzer sound which increases in intensity as the car gets closer to the danger zone. By providing an instant, clear warning, rather than waiting for the yellow flag, horrific on-track accidents can be avoided, which often become chain accidents due to the high speeds involved.

You can learn more by watching a video featuring Autotalks’ Vehicle to Vehicle communication for motorsports.